When working with children, the best tools to understand what a child is communicating is simply through play. I have worked with many materials which have been successfully used by children such as playing with sand, little animals, animal puppets, dolls house, paints, pencils, crayons and face masks. I work with the metaphor, as much content emerges from this type of therapy and metaphor is the key tool to working with children. Very often children cannot articulate their feelings or what is going on for them in their lives. Many times they are not even aware of their feelings and need help in identifying what they're feeling in order to channel feelings through appropriate behaviours. Sometimes children feel sad or anger but don't know why...This type of therapy is child-centred, deriving from the person centred approach, Virginia Axline developed a new therapeutic approach for working with children – non directive Play Therapy. Utilising the person centred theoretical foundations, Axline devised a clear and succinct Play Therapy theory and method. Her account of how she worked with a young boy called Dibs is well known (Dibs: In Search of Self, 1964).




Online Counselling is available to those who find it difficult to travel or simply find it more comfortable. I am available for counselling via Skype where I shall be in the comfort of my own home in a private and confidential setting. Online counselling will work in exactly the same way as conventional counselling, we will see each other and I offer an hour's work unless we have agreed otherwise.


Bookings and payments will need to be made in advance.


Working under supervision means that a counsellor or psychotherapist uses the services of another counsellor or psychotherapist to review their work with clients, their professional development, and often their personal development as well.


For good ethical practice, I will be receiving regular supervision to monitor my work with clients, my professional development and personal development. Supervision is where I speak with another skilled therapist to ensure a safe space is always provided for my clients with their safety at the core. This is a chance for me to reflect upon my work with my clients and to discuss the best approaches for intervention in my one to one work.


In addition, I am available to provide supervision to counsellors seeking a supervisor for private work or through studies. If you are a professional, please do email me for more details where I may be able to assist.





All fees are subject to negotiation depending on circumstances and location. Concession fees apply (negotiable)


Child Play Therapy



Adult Therapy



Home Visits - negotiable

from £40.00


Half Hour Session



One Hour Session


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